Welcome to the centerpiece of our site! Over the time the Magespace has been in business, the fiction section has definitely taken on a life of its own and grown by leaps and bounds. We offer full-length novels, novellas, serials, and short stories, all set in our slightly off-center version of the Shadowrun universe. This part of the site is updated frequently, so don't forget to check back! Also, be sure to drop by the Contest Fiction section for more stories!

There's a new player on the Seattle scene. Young, connected, talented—and a complete man of mystery. Where did he come from, and what's he after? Winterhawk, Ocelot, and the rest of the team had better find out soon if they don't want to become collateral damage in a long-running feud between two powerful adversaries.

Inner Demons
Gabriel's oldest friend and mentor is murdered, and he is forced to ally himself with his greatest enemy to find the truth—a truth that has its roots far back in his past. But when he and the team do find out the truth, they soon end up wishing they hadn't—for in order to prevail, all of them will have to face their own inner demons...
Complete—Sequel to Crossfire

Dark Reflection
It's been six months since the team aided Gabriel and Kestrel in preventing an ancient evil from making an appearance in the Sixth World. They thought it was over. But then, Gabriel starts having vivid nightmares, and the others aren't far behind. Someone is calling desperately for help—someone who isn't quite dead. As the team is plunged slowly into insanity, Gabriel is forced to make a decision that might end up costing him far more than his life...
Complete—Sequel to Inner Demons

Hidden Agenda
Kestrel, Ocelot, and Gabriel struggle to deal with a shocking discovery that will have far-reaching implications for all three of them. Meanwhile, Alastair Stone's University-sponsored study trip abruptly becomes a desperate fight for survival when their plane crashes in Amazonia, where the peril is compounded by the discovery of a dark secret deep within the jungle—a secret that some very dangerous people will kill to keep.
Complete—Sequel to Dark Reflection

Ever since he was a small child growing up in the Connecticut 'burbs, seventeen-year-old Sean Hunter has known there was something different about him. After a tragic event turns his comfortable life upside down, he uncovers a terrible secret and sets off to find out the truth about his life. What he doesn't know is that the knowledge could mean his death, and sometimes stirring up the past can get you far more than you bargained for...
Complete - Book 5 in the Crossfire series

Old Ghosts
An alternate-universe Shadowrun story written in 1996. Winterhawk and Ocelot have retired from shadowrunning and gone their separate ways, but then Harry calls them with a job that sounds too good to be true.

Blood Ties
Winterhawk's past comes back to haunt him in the form of a ten-year-old boy who claims to be his son. Is the boy telling the truth? And if so, what other problems has he brought with him? 'Hawk is forced to make some of the hardest choices of his life when he finds out the whole story behind the boy's appearance on his doorstep.

Different Worlds
Ocelot is visiting Winterhawk's place for the first time, and while there finds out some things that cause him to doubt his teammate. To regain Ocelot's trust, 'Hawk proposes a potentially dangerous experiment.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Winterhawk and Ocelot are hired to find a man who's disappeared off the face of the Earth. Why are so many dangerous people interested in one homeless guy?

Joint Venture
Co-authored with Shapcano! A mysterious pair of artifacts confound the Lost Boys, Winterhawk, and Ocelot in this collaborative effort.

Human Nature
Dr. Anthony Hildebrandt wants to be extracted from his current situation. An easy enough job—until 'Hawk and Ocelot find out that Dr. Hildebrandt has some secrets that could get him—and anybody with him—killed.
Currently on hiatus

A computer executive disappears from sight after missing an important meeting with venture capitalists. It's up to Winterhawk and Ocelot to find out what happened to him, and why—and it's up to you to help them in this interactive serial.
Currently in progress

Kestrel discovers she has a common problem—but in her case, the solution for it is anything but common...
Complete—contains major spoilers for Crossfire

Home for the Holidays
(The Magespace's 1997 Christmas story) Forced to remain in Seattle for the holidays when his plans to go home to England fall through, Winterhawk thinks he's going to have a terrible Christmas. But then he and Ocelot are contacted by a most unusual Mr. Johnson...

The Gift
(The Magespace's 1998 Christmas story) Something a little different.

Santa's Secrets
(The Magespace's 1999 Christmas story) Sometimes Santa works in mysterious ways...

Encounter on a Rainy Night
Paramedic Jess Miller meets an old adversary while trying to save the life of an accident victim. Thanks to DeckerM for letting me borrow her characters for this short.

Ten-year-old Alastair Stone is crushed when once again it appears he'll have to spend his holidays bored and lonely at boarding school while his busy parents pursue their careers. But then something happens that will change the way Alastair looks at everything in his life.

Family Matters
(The Magespace's 2000 Christmas story) Aubrey's young nephew James contends with a moral dilemma after signing on at Stone Manor as Aubrey's assistant...and Maya has a surprise for the family.

Low-level shadowrunner Andy is all his little brother Bobby has in the world—or is he?

The Mouse and the Shadows
(The first Winterhawk story) Shortly after arriving in Seattle, Winterhawk takes an assignment to locate a missing girl and a hot datafile. What he finds isn't quite what he expected.

Ace Mulligan's Last Run
A runner team gets an assignment they don't understand why anybody would want to hire runners for—until they do it. Entered in Shapcano's writing contest, and hosted on his site.

by Steven A. Rosenau. A tale of the elven assassin ShadoWraith's early history, this story explains a lot about why he ended up like he did. (This is not a Rat story—it's just here because it didn't fit anywhere else.)

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