(c) 1995, Rat

Caution: This is a very depressing story. It doesn't have a happy ending. It's an angsty, introspective, claustrophobic piece that covers a very dark period in Winterhawk's life. If you like stories with happy endings, you might want to move on to something like Home for the Holidays and give this one a pass.

This story takes place 3-4 years ago in the current fictional timeline (which doesn't necessarily correspond to the game timeline).

i. Aubrey
ii. Ocelot
iii. Aubrey
iv. Winterhawk
v. Ocelot
vi. Aubrey
vii. Ocelot
viii. Aubrey
ix. Ocelot
x. Aubrey
xi. Ocelot
xii. Winterhawk
xiii. Ocelot
xiv. Winterhawk
xv. Ocelot
xvi. Aubrey
xvii. Ocelot
xviii. Aubrey
xvix. Ocelot
Author's Notes