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The purpose of this section is for me to sit here and free-associate about whatever catches my fancy at the moment. (One would hope that it would have something to do with Shadowrun, but one can't be certain of anything.) My philosophy of gaming is pretty simple: if you don't mesh with your character, all the rest won't help. That's why I don't work well with certain types of gamers, some of whom I'll be discussing in my little corner of the world here. 'Hawk has graciously allowed me a bit of space in which to hold forth, so I'm not going to turn him down. I never turn down a chance to express my opinion. Ask my mother.

New commentaries will appear here whenever I think of something new to write about. From time to time, I might have a guest commentator: most likely Dan, the GM in the game where 'Hawk has been running the shadows since 1990.

Here's the list. Look for updates at random intervals.

Disclaimer: All of these little meanderings are strictly the opinions and pontifications of their authors (usually me, but others will be clearly identified). I don't claim to be an expert on anything--I just call 'em as I see 'em. If you don't agree, fine. That's why there are different people in the world. Just don't send me nasty mail, please. I hate that.

By the way, I encourage email. Let me know what you think.