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Well, I'm feeling lazy this week (actually that isn't true-- I'm working on about five stories concurrently, which, when you throw in my real job, doesn't leave much time for anything else) so I'm going to post some more character-building questions. Again, these are all a bit silly, but who knows which one might hit a spot with one of your characters?

  1. What are the character's vices?

  2. How does the character feel about these vices? Is he/she okay with them, or is s/he working to eliminate them?

  3. Where would be the character's idea of a good place to take a date?

  4. What sorts of situations make the character feel awkward or ill-at-ease?

  5. How does the character see him/herself?

  6. How close is this vision to the way the rest of the world sees him/her?

  7. What aspect of him/herself is the character most uncomfortable with?

  8. What aspect of him/herself is the character most satisfied with?

  9. Is the character an introvert or an extrovert?

  10. How does the character behave at parties?

  11. What (if anything) does the character see as his/her place in the Universe?

  12. How does the character behave around someone in whom he/she is interested romantically?

  13. Does the character believe in true love?

  14. The character wakes up one morning and suddenly he/she is a shaman. What totem best exemplifies the character's personality? (For characters who are already shamans: what other totem would fit?)

  15. If the character was not a member of his/her current profession, what other profession would he/she prefer to be? (That is, if the character couldn't be a rigger, would s/he like to be a mage? A decker? A samurai? Something else?)

  16. What does the character like best about his/her chosen shadowrunning profession (rigger, mage, samurai, decker, etc.)?

  17. What does the character like least about his/her shadowrunning profession?

  18. Does the character have any possession(s) he/she is particularly attached to?

  19. What's the character's favorite animal? If he/she doesn't like animals at all, why not?

  20. Whom does the character most admire? Why?

That should keep you thinking for awhile, neh? With any luck at all, I'll start writing some real commentaries again. But I admit I do have fun coming up with these.