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Shadowrunning is a dangerous business, and not wisely attempted without trusted friends on whom you can depend in any eventuality. I am fortunate to have such friends; we've been through a lot of things together, and they have saved my life on numerous occasions. (Modesty almost prevents me from admitting that I have saved theirs as well...but then, that's what this is all about, isn't it?)

I've attempted to chronicle a bit about each of my shadowrunning compatriots, although I must be careful not to reveal too much. Secrets are important in our line of work, and someone who reveals too many secrets that are not his own soon finds that he is not in a position to reveal any more. There are limits to even the strongest friendship.

A biographical essay, written by my friend and chronicler, Rat.

My oldest friend in the shadows. We began our shadowrunning careers together many years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A silent and deep one, my Elven friend.

Young, excitable, idealistic...everything I am not. We work well together because we are so unlike. But yet there is something to him that I have not yet fathomed...

It would be bad form for me to write an essay about myself, so I'll let my friend Ocelot have the floor.