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Welcome to my very own award! The name, "Site with Character," was chosen to honour Shadowrun-related sites which emphasise an aspect I consider to be of great importance: Character.

The latest winner is:

Norcumi's Library

Past Winners

October 1998: Blaze's Shadowrun and Rant Site

September 1998: (No winner)

August 1998: The Wylde Pack - Shadowspace

July 1998: DeckerM's Shadowrun Page

June 1998: Gantroc's House of Sci-Fi

May 1998: Trybe Chaos

April 1998: Here There Be Shadows

March 1998: Nightrain's Haunt

February 1998: The Big Knobi Klub

January 1998: The Twilight Brigade Campaign

December 1997: Solace's Shadowrun Node

November 1997: Shapcano's Shadowrun Story

Award Criteria

Sites honoured with my award should contain the following:

First, and most importantly, the site should emphasise characters. Likely recipients of this award are sites with character data (stats, histories, run records, stories, etc.) or character-related artwork.

Second, the site must be primarily concerned with roleplaying games. Shadowrun sites will be given preference, but any site showing that the creator has spent a significant amount of time developing his/her character(s) are eligible.

Third, preference will be given to sites featuring well-defined characters with interesting and detailed histories over sites featuring incredibly powerful characters. Power's great, but if you don't have a backstory to support it, it's just numbers on a page.

Finally, the site should be well designed, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing.

If you think you have what it takes to receive my award, send me email with your URL and the reason(s) why you think your site deserves it. I'll also be looking for likely candidates while surfing the Shadowrun web; if I find one, I'll invite its owner to accept the award. I'll choose one site per month, and winners will appear on this page.