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Ocelot's Taser Shuriken
by Dan Nitschke

3-pointed throwing stars, a little thicker than normal. Thick center contains a capacitor like a taser dart.

Damage (Shuriken): 8L

Damage (Taser): Resist 8S stun damage as taser dart.

Ocelot's Sword
by Dan Nitschke

Handle and scabbard are made of solid maple; blade is non-metallic katana blade (damage is (Str + 2)M) with +1 Reach.

Has C02-propelled taser dart (on a 3-meter-long wire) hidden in hilt, fired with small button on handle.

Without taser dart, sword is completely non-metallic, and will pass unnoticed through metal detectors.

Damage (Sword): (Str + 2)M

Damage (Taser): As taser in SR II

Concealability: 4

Winterhawk's Monowire Hall Blocker
by Rat

Looks like a wedge-shaped object about 10 cm wide and 10 cm high. Using CO2 canisters, shoots specially-made monowire spools, equipped with tiny hooks or adhesive (depending on planned application) diagonally upward, allowing the monowire to block a hallway at an angle. Each blocker contains two monowire "shooters" which can be adjusted to different angles. Device has a timer adjustable from 1 second to 2 minutes. Adhesive on the bottom anchors the device to the floor. Device is reusable (if it can be retrieved), and the C02 cartridges and monowire spools are replaceable.

Takes 2 complex actions to set up. Total cost of item is 900 nuyen with 2 spools, or 600 nuyen with one. Monowire spools cost 300 nuyen each. Won't work on hard-armor walls (concrete, plas-crete, etc.)

Damage: 8S

Concealability 6

Ocelot's Cat-Head Cane
by Dan Nitschke

Looks like tawny-colored cane with stylized cat-head handle. Made of titanium/steel alloy. As club, does (Str + 1)M Stun damage with +1 reach. Contains one Ares Air-Timed Mini Grenade, concealed inside (cane is a hollow tube), which can be fired using a hidden trigger. Ocelot usually keeps it loaded with a flash grenade.

Damage: (Str + 1)M Stun, plus grenade damage

Ocelot's Cybertoe
by Dan Nitschke

Little toe of left foot: contains short (+1 reach) monowire whip with collapsible ring (as handle), uses toe as control weight. People rarely search your feet for hidden weapons.

Damage: 8S

ShadoWraith's Fingertip Injector
by Steve Rosenau

This device is based on the fingertip compartment. However, the compartment is smaller, just large enough to hold a single dose of toxin. A simple injection system mounted beneath the false fingernail transfers the toxin when the fingernail is firmly pressed into tissue. Wearing a glove will prevent the injector from being used when not desired. This device gives a more final note to a single melee attack... (Note: 'Wraith has since replaced this device in favor of other cyberware. When you have 0.1 essence, every bit counts...)

ShadoWraith's Wrist-Mounted Flash-Pak
by Steve Rosenau

Instead of having to hold this device, the flash-pak is mounted on a wrist strap, thus freeing the hand to hold more important things, like a long rifle... The flash-pak has a remote switch on a wire which can be run down the arm to a point on the back of the index finger reachable by the thumb. Thus the flash-pak can be turned on and off without having to set down a readied weapon. The flash-pak also has an additional setting which turns the flash-pak on as a steady flashlight, rather than its usual stroboscopic effect.