I am here.

They have arrived.

Yes. I can feel them. It will not be long now.

I am not certain exactly where they are—they have separated, but I have not yet found them.

Do not be disturbed, my servant. They will come to us in time. I will see to that. All roads lead to us. And then I will have what I seek.

Yes, Master. I await that time with great anticipation.

Be patient, servant. All will occur in its proper time. Continue seeking them, and claim our prize at the appointed time.

What of the others, Master?

When the sacrifice has been taken, the others will follow. Their pain will be a fine supplement to the plan.

The young one?

I may yet have a purpose for that one as well. Events have not gone exactly as we planned, but that may yet work to our advantage. Go now, minion. Do as I have ordered.

Yes, Master.

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