Master, can you hear me?

I am here.

Master! I have reached you! Your plan has been successful!

Yes. You have done well, my servant.

Oh, thank you, Master! All has gone well so far.

Tell me of what you have done.

I have been busy, Master, just as you have directed. As you can see, I have found a way to establish communication between us, so you can instruct me on what you wish me to do next.

You have destroyed a being of great power. One of the Enemy.

Yes, Master! Yes! I have found a situation that we might turn to our advantage. Fortune must indeed favor our plans, to have provided me with such a situation.

There are others involved.

Yes. Two others. I have already seen to it that one of them will become ours in time.

Well done, my servant. Normally I do not favor such initiative in my minions, but these are special circumstances. Your foresight will ease the way for what is to come.

Oh, thank you, Master! Thank you! You know that it is your praise for which I exist.

What of the other?

The other will come in time.

Will it? Are you so sure, servant?

I am sure that if Master decides that one is needed, then I will do whatever is necessary to do Master's will.

I want that one most of all, my servant. Even more than the one you have destroyed, that one's latent potential, properly harnessed, could ensure victory for us.

What do you wish me to do, Master?

Continue as you have been. Consult me only if necessaryŚwe cannot risk revealing the existence of this method of communication. There are forces here that could destroy it in an instant should they become aware of it.

Yes, Master. I will do as you order.

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