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This one should be subtitled, "If you Give a Dragon a Story..."

(...He's gonna want another one.)

Like Crossfire, which started out with the intention of breaking 200 pages, Inner Demons started with the intention of being bigger than Crossfire. I think I met that goal - at over 450 pages and close to 200,000 words, this thing has turned into a fraggin' epic!

The funny thing is, I hadn't originally intended to write a sequel to Crossfire. When I finished that one, I felt relieved - it's finally over! I can rest now!

But then I started thinking about that epilogue...

...and Gabriel started tapping on the inside of my skull again, saying, "Hey - you haven't finished telling my story yet. You can't leave people hanging. Get to it!" (Actually he was much nicer about it than that. But you get the idea.)

So back to the computer I went, filled with ideas about how to get Stefan out of his promise to Telanwyr so he could get back to making his little brother's life miserable...and then Stefan started talking to me, filling in the details about what had really happened to make him hate Gabriel so much. And then things really started to hum along. It took me about a month to get all the bugs worked out of my outline and make sure the plot all hung together, and then it was five months of marathon writing. This one didn't come together as easily as Crossfire did because the plot is more complex, but, at least in my biased opinion, it's a better story for it.

I realize that probably some people won't like it as much as Crossfire (then again, some - especially those who liked the Gabriel and Stefan angle in CF - might like it better) but hey, I had fun with it. Ultimately, for those of us who write for love and not money, that's the most important thing. :)

Acknowledgements ‘n’ Stuff

As usual, I have a whole slew of folks to thank for their various contributions to my sanity while writing this thing:

First and foremost always, Dan again. He's still showing patience and understanding beyond the call of duty by putting up with my weird obsessions. It ain't easy living with an obsessed writer, I'm sure.

DeckerM, my good friend and fellow SR writer, for hours of ICQ chat, sounding-boarding, encouragement, and silliness (and for inspiring the entire “Stefan Steps On It!” series of silly cartoons...maybe I'll post 'em some day...) Be sure to check out her stories, including the current “Year In Seattle” - they’re wonderful! Oh, and thanks also to DeckerM for introducing me to Sisters of Mercy's “A Slight Case of Overbombing,” which ended up contributing to the soundtrack of my story as well as hers! (I got her back by turning her on to Savatage's “The Wake of Magellan,” so we're even.)

Shapcano, also my good friend and fellow SR writer, for providing feedback, encouragement, and inspiration. Don't miss all his great fiction - the Lost Boys stories are great and lots of fun (as are all his other stories, too!)

Bai Shen, Nitro, J J Arrows, and Sasori, for semi-regular and very appreciated feedback.

Steve and Ken, for again allowing 'Wraith and Joe out to play.

Everyone who sent me feedback about this story, Crossfire, and my other stuff. Those notes make it all worthwhile.

I forgot this one last time, but: thanks to FASA Corporation, for making the world's coolest game so I could have a universe to write in!

All my musical inspirations: Toad the Wet Sprocket, Peter Gabriel, the “Strange Days” soundtrack (again), Loreena McKennitt, Savatage's “The Wake of Magellan,” Rush, the Alan Parsons Project, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” soundtrack, and various other things that wandered in and out of my CD player during the creation of this monster.

Will there be a sequel to Inner Demons? When I finished this, I said, well...I don't know yet. But now, several months later, the answer is: “count on it.” I’m just not sure when yet. If you want one, send me feedback. Maybe a few notes from folks who want one will kick-start me into action. The outline’s done - it’s just a question of getting the story written. And I do so want to write a trilogy!

Please - send me your feedback. Did you like this one? Hate it? Want to see more? Let me know, mmkay?

Thanks to all of you for making it this far!



September 1998/August 1999

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