First of all, let me apologize for taking so long to finish the judging. It was all my fault--real life and other projects intruded and I just didn't get to it as soon as I would have liked.

Second, let me say that this contest was even closer than the one last year. There were several entries that clustered up near the top spot this time, and it was tough to decide. But decide we did, and here are the results. (I won't make you wait until next week to see the second prize winner, which I was originally intending to do, because I took so long to get the results up. There now, aren't you glad?) :)

Without further ado...

The first prize winner for
the 1999 Magespace Short Story Contest is...


by Scott Wheelock

The second prize winner is:

Divine Shadows

by Shapcano, aka "N. Buddy 99"

Winners, please contact me to let me know which prize you want. See below for the pictures--I finally got them scanned in!


Here are scans of the two prizes. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version. NOTE: The Fred Hooper piece is NOT signed, but I can personally verify that it is an original piece of his work because I bought it from him personally!

by Fred Hooper,
from "Blood in the Boardroom"

by Steve Bryant,
from "Harlequin's Back"

I hope you all have enjoyed this year's contest--there'll no doubt be another next year, with more cool prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered--I enjoyed reading your stories and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. And special thanks to Marshall Costello for volunteering his services as co-judge!

All the other entries will be posted in the coming weeks, so please keep checking back.

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