Wow. And I thought the last contest was hard to judge!

We had an incredible response to this one--probably because it's a lot quicker to write up 61 words than it is to write multiple thousands--but that doesn't mean that we didn't get some great entries.

In fact, we got lots of great entries. Picking a winner was very hard, and if you ask us on a different day, our picks would be likely to change. That's how close it was.

We here at the Magespace would like to thank everyone who sent us an entry (or several, in some cases). We read and enjoyed every one of them, and once again we wish we had more prizes to give out. Alas, we have only one (at least if we plan to do more contests!), so that means only one winner. And that is:

Secrets of Power

by Rand Ratinac (aka "Joe Brown")

"Come, come, Ta’gardin! I summon thee!" The mage’s voice rose as he completed the conjuring ritual for the powerful free spirit. The brazier before him flared as an enormous figure, manlike, yet sculpted from living flame, burst into being.

"What is thy bidding, master?" Ta’gardin asked ponderously.

The mage turned, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "Can you scratch my back?"


by Nightsky

Freedom was a word that Angela Davis had little experience with. A lifetime of service with Aztechnology had made the word distant to her. She always did what the company said. She always obeyed the corporation.

The freedom that she missed out on was within her reach. Angela didn't hesitate. She wanted that freedom.

So she pulled the trigger.


by Boris

You came to us alone, but that ends now.

Those who hurt and abandoned and mocked and ignored you will trouble you no more. You will be one with us now.

No, not one OF us.

Hush, dear one, do not cry. It only hurts for a moment. Smile; the Queen is very near now.

We will never be alone again.

We'll be posting more entries in the coming weeks, so keep checking back. There's lots of good stuff to come! Thanks again to everyone who entered.

All 61 Fiction stories are (c)their respective authors, and are used here with permission.