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Type: Mana
Duration: Sustained
Drain: (F)S
Target: 6
Range: LOS

This spell is effective only when using bladed weapons. It increases the blade wielder's effective Strength by 4 when using such a weapon. I devised this spell to offset my abysmal strength when wielding my mageblade.

Mana Inferno
Type: Mana
Duration: Instant
Drain: (F + 4)D
Base Damage: D
Target: Willpower (R)
Range: LOS
Area Effect

I designed this spell as an alternative to the more expensive Hellblast. I consider it more useful than Hellblast because spells that affect Willpower are usually more effective than those affecting the target's physical body. This is still a nasty (and costly) spell to cast, so I don't use it except in emergencies, life-or-death situations, or when I'm reasonably sure my friends can cart me off to recover afterward.

Note: The Drain Code for this spell is actually higher than the calculated Drain Code as expressed in The Grimoire. The GM added the extra +2 as "game balance points" to compensate for the spell's power.