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Here at the Magespace we consider ourselves Shadowrun completists, which means that we buy just about anything Shadowrun-related that Mother FASA sees fit to put on the shelves. Every once in awhile the urge strikes us to review some of these fine products.


Wolf and Raven

Blood Sport

Clockwork Asylum

Shadowrun TCG (1 of 2)

Stranger Souls

Underworld Sourcebook

Black Madonna

Shadowrun Companion



Rating System

Exemplary. A definite must-have item. Well designed and most likely to have appeal to a wide range of Shadowrun players.

A fine effort. A few flaws. Not for everyone, but many might find it quite useful and enjoyable.

Average. Solid effort with several definable flaws. Something that would likely have limited appeal to most Shadowrun players.

Poor. Badly designed and organised, and of very limited appeal to most players. Still, some might find it worthwhile.