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There are quite a number of excellent Shadowrun sites out there on the Matrix--here are links to some of them.

If you've created a Shadowrun page and would like to see its link included here, drop me a line and perhaps we can exchange links. Bear in mind, though, that I don't include links to pages that are nothing more than lists of other links, and while my standards aren't extremely high, I do have a few. If you're proud of your site, then I'll likely be proud to have a link to it here.

Shadowrun Stories
Shapcano's site has a whole bunch of his great stories (shorts all the way up to novels) and he also provides space for other Shadowrun writers to post their stuff. A good friend and a talented writer.

Shadowrun Page
Another really good friend and talented writer! DeckerM's is the place for all sorts of very cool stuff, including some great stories (including the epic "Briar"), character vignettes, and humor. Also the home of "Burger Drac's." Be sure and check out "A Year In Seattle," her latest--it's updated daily!

Stiggybaby's Online Discount Gaming Store Get your Shadowrun stuff here!

The Run Adventure hooks, stories, and great design! Check it out!

Bull's Place on the Web Part of the Dumpshock Family of fine Shadowrun Websites. Bull's got lotsa nifty Shadowrun stuff for your perusal.

Gantroc's House
of Fiction
Gantroc is running the online Shadowrun game that I'm involved in, and he's also got some very nice fiction set in the Shadowrun and Earthdawn worlds.

FASA Home Page Where it all began. The place to find the latest (well...usually the latest) information about upcoming Shadowrun releases.

Shadowrun Page
Very well-done page with a lot of highly useful and entertaining original content. This page is worth a visit just for the Shadowrun timeline from a...er...rural perspective. It now resides on the Shadowrun Archive.

TSS Productions Part of the Deep Resonance, this site is home of The Shadowrun Supplemental, Pocket Secretary '98, and other cool Shadowrun stuff.

Gridpoint A fine site containing mostly fiction and character information about the Blackheart Dragoons.

Big Knobi Klub A very nicely-designed site with an eclectic mix of Shadowrun info.

Mike Stackpole's
Home Page
It isn't directly Shadowrun related, but Mr. Stackpole is a great game designer and author, and once ran one of the most enjoyable Shadowrun convention experiences in which I've ever had the pleasure of participating.

Jak Koke's
Home Page
Lots of cool info from the author of several fine Shadowrun novels, including the Dragon Heart Saga.

Shadowrun Campaign
Campaign and character info, house rules, and other good stuff.

Lord Nightmare's
Shadowrun Archive
Nicely-designed page with lots of good stuff.

The Shapeshifter's
Cool page. Lots of info, including a fair amount on magic, a subject near and dear to 'Hawk's heart.

Shadowrun HQ
Fiction, character stuff, and more from Flex!

Wolverine's Den All kinds of cool stuff for player and GM alike.

Nightrain's Haunt Very nice page with lots of character stuff and great artwork. Check out his wife's "Elf Page" too!

The Twin Cities
Home of the Minneapolis Sourcebook, the Alcoholic Mink Shaman, and the Death Cow!

The Karma Dome (Formerly Shadowrun Sibar Daemon Style) Nice page with some very nice character detail.

The Game Guild An extensive page with a lot of roleplaying-game information. And they like our page!

The Dragon's Blood
PBeM Campaign Site
Records of a good PBEM game.

The Arcology Very nice looking site. Looks like lots of good stuff coming.