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Dragon Security is the latest venture in which we've become involved (or perhaps I should say "embroiled"). It started out as a joke a couple of years ago, when the team required a legitimate cover in order to gain some information. Since the run we were on at the time involved a dragon (we were working for him), I suggested that we call ourselves "Dragon Security." We had a decker set up the identities for us, make all the appropriate Matrix insertions, and the deeds were done.

After we completed the run successfully, the Dragon Security identity languished in obscurity for quite some time. We didn't bother to keep it updated, and most of us almost forgot about it.

That is, until we took on another job working for a dragon. A somewhat larger, older, and more influential one this time. His representative asked us if we had an identity that we could use, and my compatriots looked at me quite oddly when I began to laugh at the irony of it all. 'Wraith picked up on my point quite quickly, and the others were soon to follow. Thus Dragon Security was reborn.

Once again, we were successful in completing our run, though it was not quite the run we expected. In gratitude for saving one of Dunkelzahn's complexes, his associate asked us if there was anything they could do for us (in addition to our payment). We asked that Dragon Security be set up as a legitimate identity and maintained for us. This was agreed, and we acquired office space, an expense account, and the other accoutrements of a legal operation, all courtesy of Dunkelzahn and his people. They're only guaranteeing support until the end of this year, but we'll cross that bridge when we reach it.

'Wraith has come into his own in his new identity as Jack McCovney, one of the two Vice Presidents (I am the other, in charge of things thaumaturgical) of Dragon Security. He's apparently aiming to make this into a going concern, even preparing to advertise our services and contracting for logos and business cards and whatnot. Though it remains to be seen how the other free spirits in our team react to being part of a "corporation" (albeit a small one), right now I at least am intrigued to see how things progress.

Below is our logo and business cards, designed by Rat. "Jack McCovney" is 'Wraith; I'm "Eric Williams"; Ocelot is "Michael Jackson"; and Joe is "Timothy Walker." No, before you ask, we were not allowed to choose our own names. Never look a gift dragon in the mouth.